T(w)o Work (working title) is a 6-part documentary series in which young people with a migration background are supported in their search for suitable and intended work by a native person over 50.  The series will be made in collaboration with both national Belgian broadcasters VRT-Canvas and RTBF, and with the support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund

Annabel will be the leading director, managing and tutoring a group of young talented directors, freshly graduated from docnomads.eu.
Docnomads is a joint masters programme in documentary filmmaking delivered by a consortium of three prominent European universities across three countries: Portugal, Hungary and Belgium. All young directors will have a migration background themselves, which takes the project to a next level.
She is looking forward to this unique exchange of cultures and stories between filmmakers and characters.
Produced by Offworld.be .

At this point, the series is in development.  
Pre-production in January 2019 and production in spring 2019.