episode: FOUR seasons, One day.



6 authentic border stories across Europe reveal the controversy and complexity of what symbolic dots and lines on the map could become when cutting into actual peoples life.


Borderline is a documentary series about different types of borders, that divide the European continent: some freshly closed and some nearly forgotten in time, others wired and militarized or just symbolically marked with pillars and ropes. The series would speak about both borderline territories and state of identities in Europe, that seems to be at an irreversible turning point in dealing with the outer world.

6 particular frontier areas explore how the concept of borders intrudes the reality we live in. This is a character-driven series and each episode is based on the dramatic evolution of the various protagonists and their personal stories. Through their personal struggles and interactions with each other and their borders, we discover different point of views, the way they see themselves and define “the other.”

The unfolding human stories on both sides of the chosen borders address the relevance of often irreversible changes imposed by the lines on the map of the ‘United Europe.’ Borders in their various incarnations always change people’s lives. They are more than territorial divisions, but often the space where the ‘small’ personal stories face the ‘big’ political narratives.

Four seasons, one day.
directed by Annabel Verbeke and Ross McClean


A SERIES BY Frederik Nicolai (Belgium), Annabel Verbeke (Belgium),
Ross McClean (Northern-Ireland), Anna Savchenko (Belarus),
Georg Götmark (Sweden), Tiha Gudac (Croatia),
Isabelle Rinaldi (Italy), Vytautas Puidokas (Lithuania)

PRODUCED BY OFFWORLD in co-production with VRT-Canvas (BE),
Kinoteka (CH), Film Front (SW), In Script (LITH)
The Magic (LT), Wagner Docs (DK), All Film (EE) and
Centralafilm (PL), RTBF, Creative Europe, HAVC (CR)
LRT(LITH), with support from VAF | MEDIA
and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government

GENRE creative documentary series

LENGTH 6x52’

STATUS in development